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About Us

Boxed Orange is a team of creatives who love art, design, illustration, and finding new ways to make life more fun and inspirational.

About Boxed Orange

We originally started out as a Web and Design company over a decade ago before we had kids. We were a little more naive back then, but still as creative as ever. As time went on, so did our family, with each child developing a passion for using crayons and finger painting. We found ourselves making crafts, painting boxes, drawing self-portraits, and more.

And that’s when an idea dawned on us: Why not turn these fun activities into a business? Like most small businesses, it changed from what we had envisioned. We realised Boxed Orange had also grown and evolved into something bigger and more exciting.

So we've bundled our own box of art supplies and started selling them online. Our plan: Make art easy and fun for both kids, parents - for everyone. Our art kits are packed full of art essentials with easy-to-follow online activities that give you the chance to unlock your creativity.

Use your NSW creative kids voucher to redeem any of our creative voucher art supplies packs. Find inspiration with us and imagine, draw, paint, and create!