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Arches in Colour

In this activity, children will produce an abstract artwork using colour theory. They will learn about colour combinations, delving into primary, secondary & complementary colours. Children will explore how colour and shapes work together to evoke feelings such as happiness, calmness, and optimism.

This activity is based on Kadinsky’s study in colour artwork. Kadinsky believes when certain colours are placed together they create emotions and feelings. He uses concentric circles for his practice. You can experiment with different shapes and explore your favourite colour combinations.


What you will need

  • Acrylic paint
  • HB Pencil
  • Colour wheel (download link provided below)
  • Ruler
  • Paper/Canvas
  • Palette

Handy Tips

To learn about basic colour theory, download the Colour Wheel and complete the activity sheet.



Step 1

Step 1.

Using your HB pencil, draw 5 (5x5cm) separate squares on your page as shown above. Inside these squares, you will be painting the arches.
Step 2

Step 2.

In the first square, you will paint using primary colours: red, blue, and yellow. Grab your paintbrush, choose a colour (red, blue or yellow) and create a dot at the bottom of the square. Then using the other two colours create arches around like a rainbow until it fills the square.
Step 3

Step 3.

In square number 2, you will do the same as the first except this time you will paint using secondary colours, that is green, orange, and purple.
Step 4

Step 4.

This time in square 3 we will use warm colours. Think of the colours you would see in a fire (red, orange, and yellow).
Step 5

Step 5.

In square 4 you will use cool colours. Think of the colours you see in the water (blue, green, and purple).
Step 6

Step 6.

In square 5, choose two complementary colours. These are colours opposite each other on the colour wheel, for example, yellow and purple.
Step 7

Step 7.

Now that you have an understanding of colour theory create some of your own colour combinations. Draw up 5 new squares and go wild!



 Arches in Colour Completed Activity
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