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Line Drawing Self-Portrait

Draw a portrait using a continuous line without lifting your pencil or looking at your page. This can be used as a quick warm-up activity and also is a fun activity to complete with a friend.

Pablo Picasso is a well-known artist who used the continuous line drawing technique. Line drawing is a great way to develop cognitive skills, visual processing, and fine motor skills (hand-eye coordination). It also allows children to better understand how their brain processes through sight and touch.

The delight of this activity is seeing the end result of funny, distorted, abstract faces. The most important thing is to enjoy the process and have fun!


What you will need

  • Mirror or a friend/family member
  • Paper
  • Lead pencil or marker

Handy Tips

Keeping the pencil on the page can be tricky and trying not to look at the page can be even harder. Let your child do their best and if it is easier, let them look at the page as they go along.



Step 1.

Place your mirror or friend/family member in front of you where you can clearly see your reflection or the subject.
Step 2

Step 2.

Grab your paper and place your lead pencil on the page. Begin drawing in one continuous line without looking down at your page or lifting your pencil from the page.
Step 3

Step 3.

Once you feel you have captured your subject’s features, stop and have a look at your drawing. Try this activity a few times and choose your favourite.



Line Drawing Self-Portrait Completed Activity
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