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Printmaking with Cardboard

Printmaking can take many forms, from using found objects, stencils, woodblocks, to screenprinting. No matter what process you choose, watching children explore the way a collage creates a finished print is guaranteed to bring joy and amazement every time.

This is a basic method of printmaking known as collagraphy, where a collage material is glued onto a board to create a relief surface. Here we experimented with cardboard cut-out shapes to create a happy cheerful bear with style. Through free play, let your child discover and problem-solve their concepts. Then enjoy the process of revealing a print.


What you will need

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes

Handy Tips

  • Cardboard can be hard to cut. When using sharp scissors, we suggest asking an adult for help when it is necessary. Be careful as scissors are sharp.
  • We tried both finger paint and poster paint for this activity which worked wonderfully. Acrylic paint is also good to use (add a little bit of water to dilute) but be aware the paints do dry quickly, so be quick.



Step 1

Step 1.

Let’s begin by preparing the table for the activity. Cut a rectangular cardboard shape to make your plate. The plate will be the board on which you will glue your shapes to form a pattern or collage. Make it a little bit smaller than your paper which you plan to print on. Cut cardboard pieces in all shapes & sizes and lay these out neatly on the table.
Step 2

Step 2.

Using the cardboard shapes, take your time to explore and experiment in making patterns or a collage. My daughter played with the shapes and toyed with many ideas. Eventually, she decided upon creating a happy bear face. She added a party hat and bow for fun. Once you are happy with your design, glue the pieces into place onto the rectangular plate.
Step 3

Step 3.

Time to bring out the paint! Paint onto the raised areas of the cardboard which are glued onto the plate. Be aware the paint dries quickly, so work swiftly.
Step 4

Step 4.

Place the paper down onto the plate and press firmly. Gently pull the paper from the plate. Tada! Your first impression has been made. Continue to complete as many as you like and experiment with the different colours of paint. Want to share your masterpieces? We would love to see it! Tag us at #boxedorangecreative to share your artwork.



Printmaking with Cardboard Completed Activity
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