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Spooky Fluro Halloween Art Activity

In this activity, you will create a bright Halloween artwork that could be used as decoration or made into a card. Using fluro paints, create a spooky, unique, vibrant artwork that will pop!


What you will need

  • Paper
  • Acrylic Fluro Paint
  • Paintbrushes



Step 1

Step 1.

Begin by preparing your artwork by using masking tape to create a neat, tidy frame.
Step 2

Step 2.

Sketch your spooky Halloween theme illustration onto the page. We drew a skull, and bats, with eerie smoke moving throughout the composition. You can design your own. Perhaps draw a witch, or a zombie, with spiders crawling throughout the composition. Complete it with a Halloween message, such as 'Booooooo!' 'Trick or Treat' or 'It's time to get Spooky!'
Step 3

Step 3.

Time to grab your paintbrush and paints! Start by painting the background with a dark colour to create contrast. We chose a fluro purple.
Step 4

Step 4.

Then paint the skull, eerie smoke plus bats in bright colours.
Step 5

Step 5.

Add in your spooky Halloween message.
Step 6

Step 6.

Once it dries, complete the painting with any further details, such as highlights, and shadows to give it some bedazzle.
Step 7

Step 7.

Unmask the tape to see your completed artwork. You are done!



Spooky Fluro Halloween Art Activity Completed Activity
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