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Stained Glass Landscapes Completed Activity

Stained Glass Landscapes

There are many different watercolour painting techniques but one fun method we always come back to is watercolour resist. Watercolour resist is the process of creating an area that is masked using materials such as glue, crayon or tape, which when painted over, creates a negative space revealing a beautiful colourful artwork with clean lines and shapes.

In this activity, your child will produce a stained glass artwork of a landscape using the watercolour tape resist technique.


What you will need

  • Watercolour paints
  • Watercolour palette
  • Water
  • HB Pencil
  • Masking/low tack sticky tape
  • Picture of a landscape



Step 1

Step 1.

Choose a photo of a landscape that you like and look at the shapes and colours. Don’t worry about the detail, as you want to focus on the simple lines and shapes. Plan your artwork by using a photocopy of the photo and draw onto the image to work out the shapes and colours. With your HB pencil lightly draw the shapes onto your watercolour paper. This will act as a guide to show you where you will mask.
Step 2

Step 2.

Now let’s prepare your area. Create a border by taping your watercolour paper to the table as shown above. This is a great way to keep your artwork in place and is an easy technique to neatly framing your artwork.
Step 3

Step 3.

Using the masking tape, tape down over your drawn lines. This will eventually become the “lead“ that holds your stained glass together. You will start to see shapes form and your image begin to appear. It’s time to bring it to life with colour.
Step 4

Step 4.

Using your image for reference, set up your watercolours in the palette. Have a play with the paints and dab water to get the consistency you desire. Once you are happy with it, begin painting in the areas and shapes. When you finish, put it aside to dry.
Step 5

Step 5.

Once dry, carefully remove the tape from the page. In the white space that remains, rub out carefully any pencil lines which you can see. You can also add colour in the white areas such as a grey or a dark colour to represent the lead.



Stained Glass Landscapes Completed Activity
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